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Instrutor Erico Oliveira e sua passageira voando sobre a praia de são conrado no Rio de Janeiro
Asa Delta Rio de Janeiro - ActionFly Voo Livre
Asa Delta Rio de Janeiro - ActionFly Voo Livre

Voo Duplo de Asa Delta no Rio de Janeiro >>

O Voo com Instrutor, é a maneira mais fácil de realizar seu sonho de voar!

Você está prestes a ganhar asas e viver uma emoção que poucas e privilegiadas pessoas, tiveram o prazer de experimentar. Como disse Leonardo Da Vinci há muito tempo atrás, em sua constante evolução e em meio a seus experimentos revolucionários para se tornar um ser alado e ganhar os céus, "quando tiver experimentado a sensação de voar, andará na terra, com os olhos voltados para o céu. Onde esteve e onde desejará voltar".

Sobre o Voo Duplo de Asa Delta no Rio de Janeiro:

O Voo Duplo Panorâmico, acompanhado de um instrutor, é o primeiro contato que podemos ter com uma asa delta. É a maneira mais fácil, rápida e segura de realizarmos o sonho de voar. Para isso, o aluno (passageiro) não precisa ter nenhuma experiência anterior com o voo livre ou voo sem motores.

Em um mesmo equipamento, com o dobro do tamanho de uma asa delta normal, e totalmente preparado para esse fim, o instrutor e o aluno (passageiro) são conectados juntos, anteriormente a decolagem e após uma breve simulação de como vai ser essa decolagem. Nessa simulação são informadas, também, algumas instruções básicas, para que o passageiro interaja de uma forma mais fluente com o piloto instrutor. Logo após a ansiedade e a emoção da decolagem, o aluno (passageiro) percebe que é possível voar como os pássaros, com total segurança, bastando, para isso, que se tenha uma técnica apurada (por parte do instrutor), um equipamento em perfeitas condições de voo e um grande respeito pela natureza.

Após este primeiro voo acompanhado, o aluno (passageiro) pode escolher entre continuar seu curso, para se tornar um piloto habilitado e voar sozinho mundo a fora, ou ficar com a experiência de ter vivido a emoção de voar junto com um instrutor experiente, sem que exista nenhum compromisso futuro do aluno com a escola.

Depoimentos dos Clientes

Asa Delta Rio de Janeiro - ActionFly Voo Livre
  • Why Fly Paragliding in Rio?
    Flying is a unique experience that deserves to be experienced! Flying taking off from the top of a mountain with complete structure for free flight, without any engine and with the help of Nature. Fly like birds over forests, beaches and mountains. Flying with incredible views of Rio de Janeiro at our feet, to the sound of the wind hitting our faces. Fly to feel, in the end, the earth touch our feet again, with a soft and safe landing on the sand of the beach or on a smooth lawn. Flying is a mixture of adrenaline, total freedom and peace - an experience never experienced before by those who practice hang gliding for the first time. You can also fly, all you need is a little courage and, above all, a desire to experience new sensations.
  • Paragliding Flight Locations in Rio
    The areas where hang gliding is practiced are privileged for their beauty and highly sought after by lovers of nature and outdoor sports. On weekends, the ramps fill up with people looking for a moment of leisure and fun. The ActionFly team operates in places of great natural beauty, great location and large circulation of people. For flight locations, click here.
  • How is the Takeoff on the Paragliding Flight in Rio
    After some explanations on the ramp about the take-off procedures, we will only have the job of executing a quick run to inflate the paraglider, supporting the pilot and the passenger, who from this, enter into a gliding flight.
  • Duration of the Paragliding Flight in Rio
    The duration of the flight depends on two main factors: the weather condition between takeoff and landing, and the pilot's skill. As our team is made up of competition pilots, you will be served by professionals with great skill, who try to extend the flight as much as possible. There is no maximum duration limit, but with good conditions, you can fly for up to half an hour. Generally, tandem flights last 15 minutes, at worst, and at best, 20/30 minutes. We are a team with several pilots available and your flight will not be cut short so that the next passenger can fly. We can therefore serve your friends who also want to fly. Doing your tandem flight with a pilot who frequently participates in competitions brings to your panoramic flight the advantage of the instructor having the technique of maintaining the flight for longer - a necessary skill for the pilot in long-distance flight competitions and duration. Thus, your flight can be extended in duration and you can enjoy a sensational flight in safety and peace of mind. To check the team curriculum and qualifications, click here.
  • Safety on the Paragliding Flight in Rio
    Your safety always comes first!!! To carry out a safe flight, you must first check if your instructor is qualified, checking if he has the qualifications issued by the Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight - CBVL. Give value to this and always check the level of your pilot, who must present the INSTRUCTOR qualification, and also the state of conservation of the equipment. All of our equipment used in the flights is new (less than a year old), from world-leading brands and periodically checked. We avoid flying in turbulent conditions, as they cause discomfort to the passenger. Our goal is to show the tranquility and beauty of free flight, and not fly at any cost, risking our passengers an unpleasant situation. Our team is made up of professional pilots, accredited by the Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight and extremely qualified to fly in total safety, transmitting tranquility, quality and peace in this experience that is a mixture of adrenaline and emotion.
  • Transport and companions
    For your convenience, we make an appointment with our passenger at a meeting point that is easily accessible by any means of transport, and with parking so that your vehicle can be left safely, when applicable, and we will take it to the ramp in the team cars with all the comfort. If you go with a companion, we can offer them a ride to the ramp in our car, or they can wait in the landing area, on the beach or at the kiosks.
  • Restrictions, Age, Weight and Clothing for Flying a Paraglider"
    There is no maximum age limit for flying. The minimum age is 16 years old. For those under 18 years of age, the signature of an adult responsible for the declaration of responsibility is required, to be signed at the local club headquarters, before going up to the take-off ramp with the instructor.The weight limit is not due to the resistance of the equipment, which is oversized and can support, on average, up to 8 times the nominal flight weight. However, passengers with the highest weight may not have the necessary mobility for a safe takeoff. So, although the weight does not influence directly, in some cases it affects the mobility of the short run needed for takeoff, especially on days with light wind. On average, paragliders take off without problems with passengers weighing up to 100kg, and on days with strong wind, up to 120kg. If you have more than that, get in touch and we will analyze your case, so that we can take off in better wind conditions and assess whether there are mobility restrictions. PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: People with special needs can also fulfill their dream of flying. However, it is necessary to analyze the particular case, in order to study the limitations and adaptations/adaptations necessary to carry out a safe flight. To find out if it is possible to make the flight in your case, contact us.It is mandatory to wear shoes attached to your feet (sneakers or similar) and, on colder days, we advise you to wear pants that allow you to move and a coat. The temperature in flight does not change much from the temperature on the ground.
  • Photos and Videos of the Paragliding Flight in Rio de Janeiro
    Optionally, we can produce image packs with photos and videos during your flight. They can be delivered on CD, Pendrives or even recorded directly on your phone or tablet. In this case, the images are delivered immediately after landing. Click here to see sample photos and videos in our galleries.
  • Paragliding Flight Prices in Rio de Janeiro
    For the experience of flying without engines, with equipment moved only by the force of Nature, a tiny amount is paid, compared to the cost of all the structure used. Also, your emotions are priceless, let alone your safety. Thinking that flying is a dream come true for most human beings, we offer facilities for you to achieve yours. All packages already include passenger transportation from our meeting point to the take-off ramp. If you have companions, we can take up to two companions per passenger in the team car, or if you prefer, the companion can wait in the landing area, on the premises of the local club. Accessing the ramp by car is not recommended as it is quite steep/winding, unless the vehicle is 4x4 or has a powerful engine, which requires great skill from the driver.Payment will only be validated after landing, if the passenger has enjoyed the experience with our team. If the flight is not carried out due to weather conditions or withdrawal, nothing will be charged. In the event of payment made previously and the flight being impossible due to improper weather conditions or any other reason, the amount is immediately returned to the passenger, in order to agree with the instructor, and provided that the passenger does not wish to reschedule the flight for another date. *** To find out about the values and details of our packages, or schedule an appointment right now, send a WhatsApp to +5521995738623. Or if you prefer, you can fill out the pre-scheduling form below, informing all the requested data. Do not forget to check your electronic address (e-mail), as we will respond through the informed e-mail, with all the information of our promotional packages, prices and procedures for scheduling and payment. After receiving our response and your analysis of the packages, you will be able to schedule your flight. All of our contacts can be seen on the contacts page. Our focus is on offering you the greatest possible comfort, from climbing the ramp to your flight. For this we have a high operating cost, but we try to offer you the lowest possible value, always focusing on your SAFETY.
  • Paragliding Flight Scheduling
    After pre-scheduling and our answers to your questions, it is necessary to schedule your flight, to guarantee your place on our flight board. On special dates and holidays, we advise you to book several days before the date. Booking in advance provides greater chances of having a vacancy on the day and time that best suit you. If it is not possible to schedule in advance, contact us to check the possibility of fitting for the same day or the next day.If you are visiting the city, it is advisable that you schedule your flight for the first days of your stay, because in case of unfavorable weather conditions on that date, you will have the next days of your stay to make your flight.
  • Cancellation of the Paragliding Flight
    As the free flight depends on favorable weather conditions, the scheduled flight may be canceled in the event of unfavorable conditions up to 02 hours before the scheduled time. In this case, we will contact you so that the passenger does not travel unnecessarily and we will reschedule.
Asa Delta Rio de Janeiro - ActionFly Voo Livre
Asa Delta Rio de Janeiro - ActionFly Voo Livre
Asa Delta Rio de Janeiro - ActionFly Voo Livre

Realizamos voos TODOS os dias! de 8:30 às 17:00!!!

Caso deseje iniciar seu curso após ter feito um voo duplo, o valor do voo duplo será abatido do valor do curso. Para informações sobre cursos clique aqui!

Pré-agendamento On-line para Voo Duplo de Asa Delta no Rio de Janeiro


*** Para pré-agendar seu voo agora mesmo, envie um WhatsApp para +5521995738623 ou preencha os dados abaixo com todas as informações pedidas (nesse caso, não esqueça de conferir seu endereço de e-mail, pois responderemos o pré-agendamento pelo mesmo canal de seu contato inicial). 

Se desejar efetuar o pagamento de seu voo com antecedência, você terá opção de pagamento por cartão de crédito ou débito pela internet. Também pode pagar por depósito ou transferência para o Bradesco ou Itaú. Caso queira efetuar o pagamento no local, serão aceitos pagamentos em dinheiro ou cartão de crédito ou débito.

Asa Delta Rio de Janeiro - ActionFly Voo Livre
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