Voo Duplo de Parapente no Rio
Voo Duplo de Parapente no Rio
Venha voar livre com os pássaros na Zona
Voo Duplo de Parapente no Rio

Paragliding Tandem Flight in Rio de Janeiro >>

The flight with instructor is the easiest way to realize your dream of flying!

You are about to gain wings and live an emotion that few and privileged people have had the pleasure of experiencing. As Leonardo Da Vinci said a long time ago, in his constant evolution and in the midst of his revolutionary experiments to become a winged being and to win the heavens, "when you have experienced the sensation of flying, you will walk on earth, with your eyes turned towards Where have you been and where will you return? ".

About Paragliding Tandem Flight in Rio de Janeiro:

The Tandem Flight, accompanied by an instructor, is the first contact we can have with a paraglider. It is the easiest, fastest and safest way to realize the dream of flying. For this, the student (passenger) need not have previous experience with the free flight. In the same equipment, twice the size of a common paraglider and fully prepared for this purpose, the instructor and the student (passenger) are connected together, before the takeoff and after a brief simulation of how this take-off will take place. In this simulation are also informed some basic instructions, so that the passenger interacts in a more fluent way with the pilot instructor. Soon after the anxiety and the excitement of the takeoff, the student (passenger) realizes that it is possible to fly like the birds, with total safety, for that, if you have a precise technique (by the instructor), a perfect equipment conditions of flight and great respect for nature. After this first flight, the student (passenger) can choose to continue their course, to become a qualified pilot and to fly alone the world outside, or to have the experience of having lived the thrill of flying together with an experienced instructor without there is no future commitment from the student to the school.

We fly flights EVERY DAY. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you wish to start your course after a tandem flight, the value of the tandem flight will be deducted from the value of the course. For course information click here!

Online Pre-Scheduling for Tandem Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro


*** To pre-book your flight now, send a WhatsApp to +5521995738623 or fill in the information below with all the information requested (in this case, do not forget to check your email address, as we will respond to the pre-booking by same channel as your initial contact).

If you wish to pay for your flight in advance, you will have the option of paying by credit or debit card over the internet. You can also pay by deposit or transfer to Bradesco or Itaú. If you wish to make the payment on the spot, you will accept cash or credit or debit card payments.

Make your Pre-Scheduling Online Now!


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